Designed in Rome, Italy, the Alessia Sersanti ladies handbags Capsule Collection F/W 2017-18 is inspired by artistry, design and ancient Italian cultural references. The collection balances form, creativity and function.

Each handbags is manufactured using 100% Italian, high-quality leather and accessories, in order to remain true to the Italian stylistic tradition made of fine products, artisanal works and passion for aesthetics, fashion and style.

All handbags are MADE IN ITALY, from start to finish – including design, production and material supply – designed in Rome and fully manufactured in Tuscany, Italy.

The ladies handbags Capsule Collection is inspired by the Rock Mood.

Rockmeans to me relating to the rebel side of human behaviour. The essence of unconventional, nonconformist, not clichéd. It’s more in the spirit than in the look, more how you feel the rock mood, than what it shows. From metallic chains, to fringes and patterned contrast-coloured leather. Anything that shows the most rebel side of yours and makes you feel free.