There are no boundaries between fantasy and authenticity” – italian fashion designer, Alessia sersanti

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 Since I WASa little child, I always felt the need to dress my own way.

I used to pretend to be an Italian Fashion Designer wearing fluorescent yellow opaque stockings, a black miniskirt, a small purple striped sweater, embellished with tone-on-tone sequins, and a blue tuba for hat. I always appreciated high fashion and luxury goods, but I preferred styling my own way, combining different clothes, unbranded items – certainly well-made and refined – and playing with styles and colours.

Until the day I started designing my own clothes, to create the perfect match with my looks: a fancy sheath skirt, with a huge ruche falling like a tail on my legs; vivid viscose dresses combined and matched with playful accessories – during the day – and enhanced with a glittered hat and handbag, and extremely high heels, for a night twist.

Every experience I had, every place I visited and all the people I met during my journey, all of them have been a great source of inspiration for me.

Rome, my hometown, full of history and ancient culture, gave me a sense of beauty and a true passion for art and poetry that you can feel when you stroll around Rome.

At 13 years old I started discovering the world, travelling abroad, until I reached California at 26. It was right there that another magic city, San Francisco, stole my heart, and I lived there for ten years.


Travelling has always been a steady aspect in my life, which opened my mind and confirmed my personal idea about mankind, that is none of us is equal to anybody else. Besides different cultures, each of us has his personal story to tell, and a unique individuality to express; even if some of us are restrained because of the fear to be judged as different, in reality your individuality makes you unique. Just like My Handbags Capsule Collection 2018.

It takes courage to be yourself. It takes courage to show the world how you really are, and a bit of irony makes everything lighter. I wish I could take you to an oneiric experience, to a dimension with lights and colours, where past meets the present, and the symbols of dreams live in reality.


There are no boundaries between fantasy and authenticity: you build your own reality, you live it, you see it, you breathe it. Like in a dream, you can be whomever you wish to be, and the rest will see everything but your truth; should this be real or imaginative, does not matter, it will be personal, unique, yours.


I design to make you feel at the centre of a special experience, personal, with a sense of euphoria and light-heartedness, because you are now the one who dictates the rules.

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